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  • Glass refillable spray bottle is perfect for essential oils perfume oils or other liquids.
  • Effectively and safely store and use your liquids glass is much safer than plastic that can leach liquids under certain conditions.Glass Scrub Bottles helps protect contents from harmful UV light.
  • Best for Aromatherapy Natural Air Fresheners Diy Beauty Products Skin Care Treatment Home Remedies Pillow Mist Room Sprays Body Spray Health and Wellness.
  • Utility tool Included Mini Funnel and 3ml Transfer Pipettes. Prevent oil spills perfect to use with small bottle openings. easily transfer oils between bottles.
  • Excellent for travel conveniently fits in your purse.

Glass Spray Bottles with Black Fine Mist Sprayer

Glass Spray Bottles are the most convenient and economical way to dispense essential oil blends are perfect for storing your essential oils perfumes or colognes.

The convenient size makes it an excellent choice for trial sized samples and for travel.

6 x 1 oz Amber Glass Sprayer Bottles 
6 x Black Fine Mist Sprayers
6 x Dust Caps
1 x Plastic Funnels
1 x Plastic Pipettes (size 3 ml)

                                                                          1 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Black Fine Mist Sprayer Pack of 6

Glass Bottles with Black Fine Mist Sprayers

1 oz glass spray bottle

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